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Christine Poulis, Students with last names A-G:
Jessica Gard, Students with last names H-Ov:
Graciely Hudec, Students with last names Ow-Z:
Kami Zigmond, Academic Dean:
Gennie Coe, Registrar:
Jennifer Aviles, Counselors' Secretary:


Tuesday, February 21, 2017


"The waitlist exists because even the most selective colleges worry about "making their numbers." The incoming class has to be a certain size, filled with the best possible mix of students. If a small college has a target of 500 freshmen, there had better be 500 students showing up in the fall. And it needs to be 500, not 530 or 470. Too few and the budget takes a hit; too many and students end up living in Quonset huts or hallways (or even being paid to wait a year before matriculating). The applicants' purgatory is the colleges' safety valve." - Willard Dix

What to do if you are wait listed - Be proactive if you hope to come off of the waitlist!

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