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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016 - 2017 New Student (9-12) Registration Information

Students who reside within the boundaries of Boerne Independent School District are eligible for enrollment in the district's schools. The district does not accept tuition students from outside of its boundaries except in extenuating circumstances. BISD has two high schools. 

To verify your residence attendance zone, click here for the ATTENDANCE ZONE Information Page and enter your street address to determine your attendance campus.

Registration is made by appointment only starting August 3, 2016! 
Last Names A - G:
Mrs. Ashlie D'Spain - Email:   
Last Names H - Om:
Ms. Vera Borg - Email:
Please contact your Counselor as follows to schedule an appointment:

Last Names On - Z:
Ms. Donna Landreth - Email:
It is important that all documentation is brought to registration so the enrollment process is not delayed. CLICK "Read more" FOR REQUIRED INFORMATION & FORMS.

The following information is required for registration:
*After the student is enrolled, step-parents may be given authority by biological parent or legal guardian to interact with the school as a parent. The permission must be written, signed and dated.

Thank You for your cooperation. We look forward to working with you.
  • Proof of residence (utility bill with name and physical address, current lease contract, purchase contract, no driver's license or voter registration) this is a must before we can start the registration process.
  • Name, Address and Date of Birth of person enrolling student (copy of driver's license or identity card)
  • Student's Birth Certificate or legal document that establishes identity
  • Student's Social Security Card
  • Immunization Records- Out of State, Homeschooled and Private School student's record need to be verified by our school nurse before registration can start. The state of Texas does not allow enrollment into a Texas Public School without proper immunizations.
  • Withdrawal Form indicating date of withdrawal from previous school (law requires a school to give a parent/guardian copies of school records as requested). Withdrawal form is not required if the school year was completed.
  • Last report card from previous school and/or unofficial transcript. (*Must for scheduling!) Official records will be requested after enrollment.

              Please CLICK HERE to access Registration Forms.
              Please CLICK HERE to access Athletic Forms

              The following forms are required of all students after the first day of the school year (These forms are received during Packet Pick-Up on August 5th and August 8th between 8am – 2pm in the BHS Cafeteria.):
                • Emergency Card
                • Family Survey
                • Student Handbook Acknowledgement
                • Student Code of Conduct Acknowledgement
                • FERPA form including Release of Directory Information; Release of Student Information to Military Recruiters and Institutions of Higher Education; Use of Parent Email; Use of Student Work; Acceptable Use of the Electronic Communications System; Use of Google Apps; Student Activity, Event or Travel form and Student Residency Policy and Requirement verification
                • Attendance Policy
                • Parking Policy
                • Student Random Drug Testing
                              Please note that a parent or legal guardian must register the student. Additional paperwork is required if the student (and/or family) will be living with someone other than the parent or legal guardian. Please notify the school prior to enrollment to pick up the papers which will need to be notarized. 

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